THE GROUP – English

The parent-managed children’s group WOMIKI has its roots in a childcare facility that was founded in 1984 as part of a housing project. For more than 30 years, children, caregivers and parents have been shaping everyday life here together, which should meet the needs of everyone.

A pleasant atmosphere and a feeling of security and safety form the basis for the educational work of the caregivers, who support the children with respect and love as they grow up independently.

The children’s group WOMIKI distinguishes:

  • The “other approach”: needs and relationship-oriented
  • Caregivers with many years of experience (Virginie and Christoph)
  • max. 14 children from 2-6 years
  • promoting the child’s urge to move and play enabling diverse nature and environmental experiences
  • plenty of room for free play and artistic and creative design
  • organic vegetarian diet
  • Opportunities for parents to actively participate